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NOVAMEN, member of ACIES Consulting Group, specializes in collaborative research management, accompanies private and public stakeholders in European research in the strategic and operational management of their collaborative research projects, with a particular focus on European Union Framework Projects.

NOVAMEN offers to European research institutes and industrial groups a set of services that meet each client’s specific needs. This includes the identification of collaborative research projects, client’s R&D activities and project portfolio, proposal building that comply with the requirements from various funding bodies, as well as management – both strategic and operational – of cross-thematic, multinational and multicultural research projects.

NOVAMEN has developed in-depth expertise in strategic and operational management of joint research programs, with over 150 projects submitted to date to European funding programmes. Over two thirds of the projects submitted by NOVAMEN to the Research Framework Program passed the thresholds of the EC selection process (75% of them in the Health thematic). This success rate is three times higher than the European average. NOVAMEN manages around 20 European projects simultaneously, representing budgets from 2.5 to 50 million euros over periods of 2 to 5 years.

NOVAMEN is dedicated to accompanying its clients from the beginning of the proposal building phase to the dissemination and promotion of the project results.

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Novamen and BIO-NMD

Novamen will act as support to the Project Coordinator in WP10 - Strategic and operational management. More specifically, Novamen will accompany the project coordinator in monitoring, evaluating, consolidating and submitting the project deliverables and periodic reports as well as monitoring the project progress in terms of quality, costs, schedule and risks, in accordance with EU regulations and the Grant Agreement.


Roseline Favresse


Roseline Favresse joined NOVAMEN as FP7 Consultant in 2009. At NOVAMEN, Roseline is specialised in the management and set-up of European research projects. Since she graduated from Sorbonne University in 2003 (Master in Geopolitics, Paris, France), she has developed expertise in international cooperation and economic development issues, especially in Africa, European public policies, management of international cooperation and research projects.

Roseline first acted as a researcher in Geopolitics for a French public body (High Council for International Cooperation) and a NGO (French Doctors Médecins du Monde) on topics related to irregular migrations and post-conflict reconstruction. She thus specialised as researcher and project manager in the field of Mediterranean economic development in a French think tank (IPEMED) before starting being involved in international and European collaborative research projects (in FP6 and FP7) through the coordination of two main projects aiming at strengthening research cooperation between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa (EuroAfrica-ICT).


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