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Applied Biosystems (part of Life Technologies)

We believe in creating strong collaborations with our customers, and always being connected to our employees, our investors, and our colleagues in our industry. We know that the next great idea will come from bench researchers who best understand what they need to move science forward. To that end, we work collaboratively with our customers to create solutions to their most complex problems. We stay connected to thought leaders and government bodies, so that our voice is heard on the critical role biomedical research plays in transforming our current healthcare model. Whether through active engagement in legislative issues, or by providing thought leadership on cutting-edge topics, we accelerate tomorrow’s scientific discoveries. We stand at the threshold of a new era in healthcare, one where our own cells become therapeutics with the power to cure, and medical care will focus on preventing disease rather than healing it. Life Technologies provides researchers with the tools to make personalized medicine a reality. Today, our products enable cutting-edge tissue-engineered transplants and research into innovative cell therapy efforts. With the most comprehensive suite of products and services for advancing stem cell research and cell therapy, we partner with our customers to push the boundaries of regenerative science and medicine.
We are also a leader in the field of DNA sequencing.

Our Applied Biosystems division has been at the forefront of genomic discovery for more than 25 years, pioneering innovations that made possible the extraordinary first decoding of the human genome. Our award-winning SOLiD™ system continues to advance increases in throughput and reductions in cost. Today, we bring together Applied Biosystems’ expertise in sequencing instrumentation with Invitrogen’s premier brands of reagents to serve our customers’ needs across the sequencing continuum. We also continue to innovate, developing a third-generation singlemolecule sequencing solution that, with our existing systems, will bring affordable sequencing across applications ever closer. With instruments that unlock the secrets of our DNA, andproducts and services that advance the promise of regenerative science, Life Technologies is helping usher in the era of personalized medicine.

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Applied Biosystems and BIO-NMD

Applied Biosystems will provide technology support for method development using our SOLiD Next Generation Squencing technology. The methods will allow analysis of BIO-NMD samples for whole genome sequencing, targeted resequencing of specific candidate genes, whole transcriptome analysis and short RNA analysis.

Applied Biosystems' main involvement is with WP2 - Genomic biomarkers discovery by genome-wide analyses of DNA and RNA.


Simone Guenther

Simone Guenther is Senior Manager for applications development.


Raimo Tanzi

Raimo Tanzi is Director of next generation sequencing business development at Applied Biosystems.


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