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Dr Matteo Bovolenta presents to Biomarker Industry Representatives

Dr Matteo Bovolenta (UNIFE) attended and presented at the Companion Diagnostics Summit Europe in Frankfurt on 22-24 March 2011. His presentation was to cover:

• Introduction and brief overview of the BIO-NMD project
• Overall omics strategies for biomarker discovery
• News and views on biomarkers in neuromuscular disorders

Matteo began by explaining why biomarkers are needed in neuromuscular disorders. He gave the rationale for the BIO-NMD project, showing the work package organization and the role of each partner within the FP7 EU funded project. He outlined the timeline of the project and specifically explainedWP2and the preliminary data of the partners' RNAseq experiments on COLVI patients treated with Cyclosporin A.

In the last part of the presentation, Matteo discussed the data from recent papers on exploratory cell biomarkers in DMD and COLVI disorders and exploratory transcriptomic biomarkers in DMD.

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