Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of external experts recognised for their expertise in the field of the project. It is appointed by the Steering Committee for assistance and advice on project orientations or on specific issues related to the project.

The SAB is composed of the following world renowned experts


Clemens Muller

Clemens R. Mueller is Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Wuerzburg. He has trained as a molecular geneticist and has been director of the DNA diagnostic laboratory since 1985 with a focus on neuro-muscular and coagulation disorders. From 1994 to 2007 he coordinated the external quality assessment (EQA) program for clinical molecular genetics for the German Society of Human Genetics. He has organized and provided several national and European EQA schemes and best practice meetings. He is a certified inspector for laboratory ISO-accreditation in human genetics. Further, he is deputy chairman of the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) and partner of the EU projects Certified Reference Materialsf or Genetic Testing (CRMGEN), EuroGentest, TREAT-NMD and NMD-chip. He has been nominated by the German Federal Department of Health as an expert to the working party Biotechnology of OECD and to the national German gene diagnostics commission.


Maurizio D' Esposito

Maurizio D'Esposito got the tenure at the International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, CNR, Naples in 1990. Since 1996 he has been group leader; his team at IGB-CNR is interested in the role of epigenetics in transcriptional control of gene expression and its deregulation in specific human pathologies, called "Chromatin Diseases".

Since 2005, Dr D'Esposito has been a member of the IGB Scientific Committee, and from 2009 coordinator of the EU Initial Training Network "Dischrom", an international cooperation team of 12 groups aiming to promote research and training in the field of chromatin diseases.


Thomas Voit

Thomas Voit  Professor of Pediatrics and Scientific and Medical Director, Institut de Myologie, France.

Thomas currently holds the positions of Professor of Pediatrics (Professeurs des Universités –Praticien Hospitalier), Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Scientific and Medical Director, Institut de Myologie, Groupe Hospitalier de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris and Director, Mixed Research Unit UMR_S 974 UPMC-INSERM-CNRS-AIM.

Thomas was and is a member of several scientific committees including the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign; Clinical Adviser for Conseil Scientifique, Association Française contre les Myopathies; Institut des Maladies Rares; MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Disease; Dutch Duchenne Parents Project and Integrated Research Centres, German Ministry of Education and Research.  He is also a member of the Executive Board for the World Muscle Society


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